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I have created this website to raise awareness about blood cancers and blood disorders. I am doing this because these diseases can be fatal but also easily cured with everyone’s help.

Every 20 minutes someone around the world is diagnosed with a blood disorder or cancer which can be fatal if not cured.


The cure in these cases is a stem cell transplant or what you may know to be a bone marrow transplant.


Only 30% of the people who are diagnosed with either blood cancer or a blood disorder find a stem cell match within their family. The other 70% have to rely on unrelated matched donors (MUDs), people like you and me, who have registered to be a stem cell donor.


Unfortunately only 2% of the world’s population are registered to be stem cell donors. Therefore as you can imagine not many people find donors and therefore aren’t able to be cured.

There could not be an easier way to save a life really which makes me question why there aren’t more of us on the stem cell registries. I can think of a couple reasons:

  1. Perhaps there isn’t enough awareness.

  2. The idea of being a donor for a stem cell transplant  sounds cumbersome costly and also scary for the donor.

Therefore I am using this as a platform to raise awareness and also dispel any myths concerning being a stem cell donor being scary, costly and time consuming. As I promise you it is far from all those things.

Please take the time to read the rest of the website and you will see that there could not be a more effortless and rewarding way to give someone a second chance at life!

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